A New Direction

I had always intended for this blog to exist for the sole purpose of chronicling my time abroad.  After returning from my semester in Rome I held onto it with the hope that I would return to the Eternal City sooner rather than later, and pick up right where I left off.  

With any luck, my wish will come true and I’ll be back in Rome quite soon, but until then I’ve found a new use for my blog.  None of the incredible experiences I had in Rome would have been the same without the people who were right there with me.  Since returning the bond between us has grown exponentially, and they inspire me in more ways than I could possibly count.  Without Rome and without the people that the magical city brought my way, my life now, at 24, would be completely different.

In honor of the city that changed my life, and the continued fun and endless inspiration that came out of my time in Europe, I’ve revamped my blog – giving it a new name and a new purpose.  From now on this will be somewhat of a lifestyle blog where I will be sharing the adventures of The Rome Girls as we take on the kitchen, the campus, the world! 

Enjoy! xx


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