A Very Irish St. Patty’s Weekend in Chicago

A few weeks back I set off for a weekend of Roman reunions Windy City style.  I arrived in the early afternoon and hopped on the L to head over to Wrigleyville to meet up with Kristin in her new stomping grounds.  It was absolute mayhem all around the city and the subway, where one passenger started an impromptu acrobatics show from the bars on the ceiling, was no exception.  The St. Patrick’s Day partiers had taken over and it was absolutely fantastic watching all of the craziness unfold.

After taking a moment to settle in, Kristin and I headed off to a neighborhood bar called Dag’s to meet up with her work friends and have some green beer.  I was so excited to try it for the first time, assuming it would taste completely different than normal beer.  Unfortunately it tasted exactly like normal beer, but the great company and the delicious pizza, which hit the spot after a long train ride, certainly made up for it.

After a couple of hours we ventured down past Wrigley Field to another bar.  Our great friend Sarah came and met up with us and we had a perfect little Rome reunion.  We got some food and sat laughing, talking, and watching the St. Patty’s drunkies in all of their glory.


The next morning Kristin went of to work and I journeyed back to the Magnificent Mile to meet up with Allie and Caitlin for our first post Rome adventure together outside of our little college town bubble.  We began our morning at the adorable Cafe Descartes, in the company of some of Allie’s favorite philosophers, sipping on coffee, eating pastries, and looking out onto Michigan Avenue.


All three of us wanted to check out the Chicago River, dyed green for the holiday, and it did not disappoint.  It’s a Chicago tradition and it was great to finally see it in person.  It just so happens that the river passes right by one of my all time favorite places in Chicago, The House of Blues, so I took the girls inside to see the beautiful interior.  No matter how many times I go to the HoB I’m always amazed by it.


We spent the entire day walking all over the city with no real destination in mind.  The three of us laughed until it hurt, ate delicious food, and discovered that the eighth wonder of the world just so happens to be an impeccably dressed man in a suit.  And in typical Rome Girl fashion we had an absolute blast just enjoying one another’s company.




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