Brownies, Birthdays, and Hula Hoops

Last Friday the Rome girls and I got together for a night of fun and an unofficial birthday celebration for Libby.  It quickly turned into quite the soiree.  Put seven Rome girls together in a room with Slutty Brownies, vino, and a hula hoop, and madness ensues.


As soon as Allie laid eyes on the hula hoop she went at it, showing off her mad skills.  Grace and Allie, Rome roommates and the epitome of best friends, decided that hula hooping alone is for squares and decided to try and do it as a pair.  Naturally it didn’t go too swimmingly, but watching it unfold, and the effort they put into it was way more fun than if they had actually succeeded anyways.  Even Sophia hopped into give them a hand.



While the others took their turns at the hoop, Caitlin Grace, and I retreated to the kitchen to get to work on the Slutty Brownies.  The delicious treats come courtesy of The Londoner’s recipe. (Found here: Not only is the recipe delicious, but Rosie who writes the blog is my blogging inspiration and idol.  She’s absolutely fabulous.


The brownies turned out even yummier than the first time we made them, and they officially solidified themselves as a Rome girl staple.  We sat scarfing down brownies, reminiscing on the city that brought us all together, and about a million other things until our bellies were full and our eyes glazed over from all of the sugar.



After hours of laughing until we cried, and hula hooping our hearts out we called it a night and headed our separate ways to get some sleep.  Per usual, we will surely pick up right where we left off in no time and I’m anxiously awaiting reuniting with my Romies.


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