The House of Blues

A few years back for my 20th birthday my mom treated me to a very special birthday weekend in Chicago.  She put my friends and I up in the uber-ritzy Hotel Sax and bought us tickets to see my favorite musician of all time, Jon McLaughlin, at the House of Blues right next door.


From the moment I stepped inside the strange looking building I fell in love, and the love affair continues to this day.  Each time I return to Chicago I’m drawn back to the HoB and I thought that it would would be a great, unique place for us to have Bethany’s bachelorette dinner.  We asked a group of fun looking girls to take our photo before we headed into dinner and we were instant friends.  There’s something about love and finding out someone is engaged that brings people together – everyone loves love!



After taking lots of photos, the girls told us what brought them out to the HoB for the night.  Some of their high school friends were in a band called whysowhite, and they were participants in that night’s Battle of the Bands competition.  They excitedly encouraged us to join them after dinner then we headed inside and went our separate ways.

Once inside the restaurant we were happy to find a nice blues band playing as the girls and I began to scour the menu which was chock full of enticing options.  Everyone, myself included, took a moment to take in all of the extravagant things within the restaurant.  With the music, food, and decor, it’s a feast for the senses.




Mary, being the ornery little thing she is, couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to embarrass Bethany.  She grabbed her by the arm, dragged her on stage and made sure the band knew we had a very important bachelorette on our hands!  The band began serenading Bethany, and being the great sport she is, she completely owned her moment.  While most people would shy away from the attention, she shined in the spotlight dancing across the stage and bringing the restaurant to life!



By the time Bethany was done entertaining everyone our food had arrived.  Bethany ordered some fantastic looking fish tacos, while the rest of us ordered a wide variety of burgers.  I could not have made a better choice than the Island Turkey Burger with sweet potato fries.  It was incredibly spicy, but probably the most delicious burger I have ever had.  It was well worth the many pitchers of water that I chugged down with it.  Mary got the same burger, and we were both raving about it all night … and all day the next day.




Stuffed to the brim, we headed upstairs to check out the Batttle of the Bands and the group, whysowhite, that our new friends had told us about.  Lucky for us, when we walked in whysowhite had taken the stage!  Unlucky for us, they were finishing up their set and had just begun their final song.  In the few minutes that we saw them on stage they easily gained six new fans.  They put on a amazing show that aside from great vocals, included acrobatics, crowd surfing (which we sadly missed), and the entire room singing along to their catchy lyrics.  I would love to see them in concert again!



When the show was over we took the long way back to the Magnificent Mile.  Being a Tuesday night, the streets of the city were exceptionally quiet.  Quiet by a city’s standards of course, but it felt almost like we had the place to ourselves.  The crisp spring air and the bright lights in the quiet streets created a perfect atmosphere to send out a great day and an even better night.





Until next time Chicago, ciao!


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