Summer Party Season Has Arrived!

Growing up in a family that loves to entertain, these days more than ever I find myself looking for any excuse to throw a party.  It’s not what you’re thinking.  No college frat house rager’s here … red solo cups and all their friends need not apply.

I absolutely loved throwing parties at my apartment, where all of my friends lived just a stone’s throw away, but I have to say there’s something extra special about throwing a party at home where we can spread across the back deck and lounge on outdoor furniture.  These parties are always the highlight of an otherwise hot, humid, midwestern summer.

This past weekend my family threw together a lovely little graduation party for me.  Mom went all out for me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better spread.  With tons of gorgeous deserts, coffee, and appetizers on the table our little afternoon soiree was ready to begin!




IMG_0364The sky was threatening to rain on us all afternoon, but luckily it held off for almost the whole party!  It was so wonderful that family and friends who I rarely get to see, due to distance and the general craziness of life, came out to celebrate with me.


If there was any question to how smashing the food and entertainment was, this little guy’s face says it all! He left no desert untouched and his pure, sugar induced bliss, is contagious.


Here’s to hoping there is lots more of all of this for our next party!


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