A Fête Fit For A Princess

It was party time once again this weekend to celebrate our darling little Ava’s first birthday.  It seems like a lifetime ago that I was sitting in my room in Rome talking to Megan on Skype when she told me I was going to be an aunt again.  Fast forward a bit to half a lifetime ago, and my mom and I were in the car driving like crazy to get to the hospital because the baby was coming early.  And here we are a year later celebrating that day.  So wild how at the same time a single event can seem like ages ago, and yet it also seems like not so long ago at all she was a teeny tiny newborn.


To celebrate the happiest, sweetest baby, nothing seemed more appropriate than a chic little Parisian party fit for a princess.  Megan dreamed up all of the specifics of the party, while mom and I stood by to help with baking, decorating, and making sure Megan could actually enjoy her little girl’s big day.





With Ava crawling all over the place in her floral party dress the party was ready to begin.  Family from both sides came together, to snack on cheese and crackers, fruit and vegetable trays, and most importantly, lots and lots of deserts.  As always, Ava was happy as a clam, smiling like crazy at all of the attention.



My faith in the world of gluten free baked goods was quickly restored, as the most delicious goodies on the table for this party also just so happened to be the most delicious.  The Lemon Ricotta Almond cake and Red Velvet cupcakes ended up being the hit of the party.


After lots of food and presents, it was naptime for the birthday girl.  I think she would say the party was an absolute smash!  As the party guests made their way out we continued to enjoy all the sugar we could get our hands on, goofing off and waiting for the stormy weather to pass.





I’ll be posting my next blog following a mini Rome girl reunion in San Diego!  I couldn’t be more excited!!  Until next time, xo.


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