A Little La Jolla

After the July 4th festivities were over it was time to get off the island for a few days and explore the rest of San Diego.  Mary and Anna had to head off to Arizona for a wedding, but before they left we had a few pit stops to make so they got the full San Diego experience.


We crossed back over the Coronado bridge and headed up the coast to La Jolla.  The ritzy seaside town has the most beautiful shoreline, cliffs, and tide pools, and was always a favorite place for my family.  For every newcomer to San Diego, La Jolla is a must-see sight.




The girls and I were feeling adventurous so we chose an area of cliff that looked slightly less terrifying than the rest and began the gradual trek down towards the water.  The views of the ocean were incredible!  We were all blown away by how different La Jolla and Coronado could be from one another even though they are so close.






After we got our fill of playing in the tide pools, hunting for crabs, and posing for photos it was time for lunch.  In-N-Out is easily on everyone’s California bucket list so we hopped in the car to find the nearest one.

I was a little nervous about what my meal would consist of since I don’t eat red meat, but luckily Haley was there to mention the Secret Menu.  I pulled it up on my smart phone, and in no time had my delicious grilled cheese in hand.  All of the other girls got the basic cheeseburger and were raving about how amazing it was, but I was perfectly content with my grilled cheese.  With all of the fixin’s of the burger, it was so flavorful I didn’t even miss the meat!


With one last California experience under their belts, we said farewell to Mary and Anna.  Our group was shrinking, but there was still tons of fun to be had!  The vacation was only halfway over and little did I know, some of the best was yet to come!



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