Oh Clayton’s.  I’ve been struggling to decide which post to mention Clayton’s in, but it finally dawned on me that it just wasn’t right to smash it in with another post, when it certainly deserves one of its own.

What is Clayton’s you ask?  Well, it’s an adorable little restaurant on Coronado that quickly made its way into my heart.  With their phenomenal cappuccino making skills and their hearty, affordable breakfasts if I was on the island, there was no resisting a visit to the little spot on the corner.



Some of my earliest childhood memories are of my mom ordering me a special cup of warm frothy milk to sip on at the cafe while she and my godmother drank their coffee and tea.  She would sprinkle some sugar on it (probably the last thing I needed), and I was in heaven.

Ever since then I have been a sucker for a good, foamy drink.  In Italy one of the first phrases I learned, and probably one of the ones I used most frequently was “molto schiuma per favore,” or “lots of foam please.”  Once I nailed that phrase, the boys in Pascucci understood how serious I was, making me countless delicious cappuccini and my life was forever altered.


Pascucci's Famous Crema
Pascucci’s Famous Crema

And there is the short and very sweet version of my love affair with foam.  It may seem odd, and that’s because it is.  But there are very few places which actually have the foam perfected.  Can you see where I’m going with this?  Clayton’s.  Clayton’s has mastered the art of the perfectly foamed cappuccino*.

*Of course, nothing will ever live up to the perfection of an Italian cappuccino … so Clayton’s has it perfected by American standards.  Still a HUGE accomplishment.


From the outside there is truly nothing exceptional about this vintage inspired diner.  It would be easy to ignore, except for the massive lines that form from the door to their sit-down restaurant and their to-go window at all times of the day and night.


At the to-go window there are pastries, coffee, sandwiches, etc. perfect for grabbing and walking to the beach or taking home to enjoy.  Inside an extensive menu of eggs and omelette dishes and more extravagant (but still down-home cookin’ style) options are available.



It’s easy to see why no one on Coronado can seem to resist the charms of Clayton’s.  I found myself waiting in lines for their cappuccino every time I was on the island and I was never disappointed!


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