Little Surfer Girl

Back in the spring when the idea of a California trip was first coming up, the roommates and I were brainstorming about what we would do if we all ended up going to San Diego.  As we were chatting Kaitlyn asked Haley if we could go surfing … and several months later Haley made good on her promise!  Years of dreaming of riding a wave were finally coming true!



When I found out we had an entire morning with nothing planned until it was time to go surfing I told Kaitlyn and her boyfriend Eddie that I was kidnapping them and taking them to have one of the greatest meals of their lives.  With overcast skies above, we arrived in Ocean Beach, one of my all-time favorite places.  For some, OB might be a bit too rough around the edges, but the hippie in me just loves everything about it!


As soon as we arrived in OB I dragged them to Nico’s with the promise of their life-alteringly delicious breakfast burritos waiting.  My sister and I tried them for the first time years ago and they have lived in our memories on a shining pedestal ever since.  Just the idea of them was enough to make us highly consider buying a one-way ticket to San Diego.


I was so excited I could barely contain myself, so with burritos in hand we quickly made our way down to the beach to find a place to eat and watch the surfers.   I’m sure we had a delightful conversation as we sat there with our burritos the size of a football, but my mind blanks out here as I went into a little food heaven coma.  I’m happy to report that Kaitlyn and Eddie (who just so happens to be Mexican and know a thing or two about good burritos) thought they were absolutely to die for!  Mission accomplished.





OB’s Newport Avenue is lined with cute shops full of hippie-tastic souvenirs, SoCal surfer goods, and antiques.  We popped into a few to pick up gifts for our family members back home, then meandered back to the car.  I was so sad that the trip to OB had to be so short, but there was a surf lesson waiting for us and I could not wait to get back to it!





Back in Carlsbad Haley’s dad Dave was kind enough to give up his afternoon to give Kaitlyn and I our first ever lesson in surfing.  I wasn’t sure how exactly we would go about the lesson, but after a quick practice round on the sand we hit the ground running and headed in the waves to give it a go.  I was afraid I would back out if I saw Kaitlyn have a major wipe out, so I begged to go first. (Pardon the blurry iPhone photos, it was the best we could do.)


I certainly can’t say I was a natural when it came to surfing.  I swallowed what felt like gallons of saltwater as I tried to get my balance on the board and find out the trick to standing up.  In theory it sounded so easy, but in actuality it was seeming more and more impossible.



After a couple of hours we were all completely exhausted.  Dave was giving me the “one last try” line and with that hanging over head I was finally able to get my footing and catch a wave while standing!  It lasted for maybe five seconds at the absolute most, but it was incredible!  Such a cool moment.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Although I came away looking a little worse for the wear, finding myself completely covered with scrapes and bruises by the next morning, it was a dream come true.  I can’t wait to get back on the board and give it another go, but for now I am happy to check surfing off my bucket list!


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