Mid-week Staycation

Well after a brief hiatus I’ve finally pulled my act together to write a post.  With no incredibly good reason behind my lack of posts, except life getting in the way, I am fully ready to start back up.

An unexpected mid-week visit from Megan and the kiddos was just what the doctor ordered to spice up an otherwise busy, boring work week.  Every time I see my niece and nephew I fall more in love with them, and a little sister time is always wonderful.

We have all gotten to the point of being quite sick of chain restaurants which are all too common in our little suburban bubble, so we made the quick drive to Broad Ripple for dinner.  Any given night, Broad Ripple is home to the most popular bars in the Indianapolis area.  The streets are generally packed to the brim with frat boys, hippies, and athletes, all coming together to hit up the strip of bars and restaurants that line the main street of the village.



During the day however, it is home to a much tamer crowd and the unique area is a welcome retreat from the ‘burbs.  We’re all suckers for some good Mediterranean food in this family so Canal Bistro, off the main drag, was where we ended up.



Of course having a three year old and a one year old in tow makes everything more interesting, chaotic, and hilarious, so our meal was far from relaxing.  The food however was delicious, and the decor of the place was absolutely gorgeous!



The next morning before they left town and I headed into work we decided to take another little adventure out to Trader’s Point Creamery in Zionsville.  The huge farm is a major producer of food products and a great little of midwestern escape.



We arrived at about the same time as a group of oddly marked vehicles and were perplexed by the group that came in them.  We came to find out that they were members of an Italian television reality show called Donnavventura.  I never in a million years would have guessed I would find a little slice of Italy on a farm in Central Indiana.  It was amazing how hearing them go on in Italian for a few moments made me all giddy inside, just like being back in Roma.

After we took a long walk out to the pasture so Oliver and Ava could see the cows up close and personal, we made our way back up to the barn.  The downstairs of the building is not only the location where the cows are milked, but also a little store where you can stock up on yogurt, cheese, and milk.  Upstairs is home to a restaurant and ice cream bar.  You can’t ask for ice cream fresher than when it is served in the same barn where the cows were milked!

The visit was short, but so, so sweet.  The perfect little mid-week vacation from typical everyday life.





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