One Day I Will …

If I learned one thing from my Rome girls (who are we kidding, they taught me millions of things), it’s that every occasion, in fact every day, should be special.  No accomplishment, good day, bad day, birthday, goes unnoticed.  When I’m away from them it’s so easy to get caught up in the monotony of the “real world,” where I begrudgingly find myself living these days.  So when Kelsey’s birthday rolled around this year, I knew it was time to bring out some of that Rome girl hospitality and forgo the usual dinner out for something a little more unique and special.

Kelsey and I have been friends for ages.  We met in French class freshman year of high school, and after that gradually spent more time together until we became the best of friends.  Along with my other oldest and best friend Angie, who I go way back to fifth grade with, we’ve become quite the little trio to be reckoned with.

Irish Klanges


I had been racking my brain for weeks trying to come up with the perfect way to celebrate Kelsey’s induction into the 24 Club.  One day while driving through our tiny Midwestern town’s downtown, I noticed something that caught my eye.

Our generally quite boring, stale downtown had installed an interactive art piece of sorts!  The artist in me was jumping for joy, until I took a closer look.  The words “One Day I Will…” had been posted up along with a handful of large chalkboards, in what could have been such an inspiring place to gaze upon the dreams of others.  Yet when I looked at it I instead saw, “Go Tigers!,” “I love _____,” and other outrageously uninspiring thoughts.  Right.  About that…


And so my idea formed.  I would grab my two best friends, and the makings for a picnic, and head down to the chalkboards to put those boards to good use and really think about our goals.

Using the plethora of tomatoes from our garden I quickly whipped up a super easy bruschetta recipe.  Then, with some toasty baguettes, and fresh out of the oven red velvet cupcakes in tow, I grabbed my picnic bag and was on my way.



I got there early to set up and was thrilled to find that unlike the previous times I’d checked out the boards, precious things like “Be a missionary” and “Be an artist” had been scrawled in children’s handwriting.  One, with a possibly guilty conscience, even hopes one day to “Be Nice.” (It’s the little things.  Dream big kiddo.)




When the girls arrived we dug right into all of the goodies and began catching up on all the latest news since we’d last seen each other.   No shortage of stories, of course.



Then things got serious.  One day I will….  It seems like such an easy prompt, especially to a couple of Pisces dreamers like Angie and I.   Yet somehow when the moment came to set it in stone (or chalk) it seemed like the toughest question in the world.



It took a little while of brainstorming as a group to really get our juices flowing, but we eventually chalked up and began to encapsulate our biggest goals in a few bullet points.   And in the least shocking turn of events, what we agreed on the most for our futures was a desire to fall in love, and leave Indiana.   A little cliché perhaps, but what can you do?





The night was a smashing success if I do say so myself.  There’s nothing like sitting with your oldest friends, eating delicious food, and dreaming about the future.  I can’t wait to drive by the boards again and see what others have added to the mix!


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