A Grown Up Fall Break

I’m sure there comes a point in every young person’s life when they put on their big girl pants for good and stop trying to relive the good ol’ days.  Lucky for me, I haven’t hit that point yet.  While all of my younger Rome girls finish up their final year of college, I am bound and determined to spend as much time as I possibly can back on campus while they’re all still in one place!

When I discovered that their Fall Break also happened to coincide with one of the biggest football weekends of the year as ND took on their huge rival USC, I decided to take a long weekend off of work for my own little Fall Break.  Thursday morning, horribly overpacked per usual, I hopped in the car and headed north.  Although the drive is a little monotonous, the fall leaves and adorable small town Halloween decorations along the way provided some great scenery.





That evening, after settling into Sophia’s room, my home for the weekend, we made our way over to Opus for what I thought was going to be a small get together.  Much to my surprise, the girls had planned a full on Rome dinner!  Libby was slaving away on her completely delicious homemade bruschetta and pasta sauce in the kitchen while the rest of us mingled and caught up.   With Kaitlyn and Bethany my fellow members of the older generation of Rome girls both present it was just like old times!




As always dinner was full of tons of laughter and messing around, reminiscing, and catching up on what everyone has been up to since graduation brutally separated us all. (It’s fine, I’m not bitter I promise.)  We followed up dinner with desert and the entertainment for the evening, reenactment’s of Miley’s outrageous Wrecking Ball video, courtesy of Sophia and Allie.





Fall Break was off to a smashing start!


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