Irish Game Day

There’s nothing in this world like game day on Notre Dame campus.  The campus on any given day is breathtakingly beautiful, but on a home football game day it’s absolutely magical.  The excitement and energy is tangible as the masses that flock to town make their way to all of the places on campus that are so full of tradition.  From the sacred ground of the grotto to the endless tailgates, every part of campus is jam packed with visitors and students alike.

Since the USC game was a night game we made sure to enjoy a relaxing morning on our own beautiful campus before making our way across the street to begin a long afternoon of tailgate hopping.



With several very promising activities on our horizon, the girls and I made our way past the Golden Dome, the Grotto, and the heart of campus, to the Lacrosse fields where a game of traditional Irish Hurling was in full swing (literally).  None of us had the slightest idea what was going on, yet somehow watching some of Ireland’s most successful athletes running around in short shorts was perfectly entertaining.



Once we had our fill of hurling,  it was off to the stadium lot where all of the tailgating mayhem was well underway.  Best friends plus a gorgeous fall day plus lots of incredibly unhealthy food equals an absolute blast of an afternoon.







We ultimately made our way over to Libby’s family’s tailgate where they had quite the spread going on.  As the sun started going down the crowds began heading into the stadium for the start of the game.  Sophia and I didn’t have tickets so we planned on helping clean up a little bit before heading home for a relaxing night.


Much to our surprise, Libby’s parents just so happened to have some extra tickets on hand and kindly offered them to us.  Nearly jumping with joy Sophia and I thanked them and went running off the stadium the catch the last part of the first quarter in what would ultimately be another great Irish victory!




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