Dress the Part

I don’t think I could even begin to count the number of times I have been faced with the task of styling someone for an interview.  It’s a very steady part of my work week.  So many of our customers come in looking to splurge a little on a whole new interview outfit because there is just simply no denying that when you look great, you feel great.  Half the battle of trying to snag a new job is walking in and looking like you already have the position.

And still, when the tables were turned on me a few days back, I had that horrifying moment of looking at my closet and experiencing that “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” panic that always seems to occur before any big event.  (disclaimer:  At risk of sounding like a total brat, I know I clearly have more than enough options as seen below.)


So I took the advice I’d given to so many women before me and made a few little upgrades to my wardrobe.  After all, I am a college graduate now, and at the very least I should have a perfect blazer!

I was torn at first between taking the safe route and going with a timeless and traditional jacket or branching out to a style that had a bit more personality.  Naturally, I couldn’t resist the latter, and opted to go with a military inspired Ponte knit jacket from White House Black Market.  With all of the details it’s like a little work of art.


I paired the jacket with the most adorable tweed skirt from Loft, opaque black tights, and a vintage WHBM (and by vintage I mean 2009-ish) shell.  By combining some of my older items with my new pieces, I was able to create a look that allowed me to walk into the interview with all of the confidence in the world without spending an absolute fortune.



Although this isn’t an outfit that would be suitable for all industries, as someone in the Art/Fashion world, I am able to step out of the box a little bit more with elements like the tweed skirt and less traditional jacket.

No word yet on whether or not I got the job, but based on the interviewers comments I’d say the outlook is good.  Here’s to new adventures!


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