Sunday with Matisse

On Sunday my family and I made our way over to the IMA to check out the new Matisse exhibit.  The grounds of the IMA are absolutely gorgeous and go on forever.  On Sunday we saw families decked out in matching outfits, couples celebrating engagements, and seniors, all getting their photos taken on the grounds.  It’s perfectly picturesque.




The museum itself is very extensive and is home to works from hundreds of years ago to contemporary pieces.  I’ve been to some of the visiting exhibits in the past, but never of an artist so recognizable as Matisse so I was very excited to see what they had to offer.




Sadly photos weren’t allowed inside the Matisse exhibit, which is fine because it left me to enjoy it completely as it was rather than through the lens of a camera.


The two lovebirds took a little longer to make their way through because of their audio guides, so while they were finishing up I meandered through some of the other parts of the museum.  There were so many beautiful works of art, including a great deal from Indiana natives which is pretty cool to see.  They may not be the most recognizable names but they’re incredible all the same.




IMG_4005After getting a late afternoon start, we weren’t at the museum too long before they had to start shooing us out.  We stepped outside to enjoy they perfect cool, fall afternoon and take a few photos of our own before making our way back home to the burbs.






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