Happy Birthday 2014

Every year I have high hopes for what is generally one of the glitziest, drama free, all around happy holidays of the year – and every year it turns out a smidge differently.  If I’m being perfectly honest, New Year’s Eves past have been incredibly anti-climactic.  This year I was determined to make sure that this nasty trend was broken by asking some of my best friends to be my New Years dates.  Lucky for me, they accepted.






With the table set and a roaring fire in the fireplace I anxiously awaited the arrival of my dates.  A little after six, the gorgeous Allie and Grace showed up at the door bearing gifts!  Now that we had chamagne, raspberries, and chocolate we were ready to ring in the New Year.





We laughed.

We ate.

We toasted the end of one year, and the beginning of a new one.

We ran around outdoors banging pots and pans. (No shame.)


And the next morning we ate fresh fruit and pancakes, and sipped on coffee by the fire before the girls, who are more like sisters than friends, had to make their way home.

If the kickoff to 2014 is any indication of what the next year will be like, we’re in for one of the best years of our lives!


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