Cronuts? More like Cronots.

After a bit of a rough start on Wednesday, I woke up the following morning feeling like a completely different person.  From the moment I stepped from my hotel onto the New York streets I felt like I was seeing the city through new eyes.  Everything seemed suddenly more beautiful … more like the New York City I had always dreamed of.





IMG_5776My first order of business  for the day was to get my hands on a Cronut.  It was legitimately on the top of my NYC bucket list to get a Cronut, and take that heavenly little pastry over to Tiffany’s to recreate the iconic scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  It’s the little things in life … but I needed it to happen.




So I popped over to Dominique Ansel Bakery, aka home of the world famous Cronut, where I expected to be greeted by lines of anxious customers streaming all the way down the street.  When I arrived and saw no line at all I nearly started a victory dance.  It was lunch time after all so I figured the breakfast Cronut crowds must have already come and gone.



I walked in and instantly began scanning to pastry cases to get my first glimpse of what I assumed would be the tastiest pastry I would ever lay eyes on.  Macaroons, croissants, tortes … all so beautiful … but not what I was looking for.  I started feeling a smidge panicky when I looked up.


There, scrawled up on a chalk board, were the saddest words known to man – “Cronut Sold Out Today.”


When I was able to think clearly again, I made up my mind and ordered a cappuccino and an almond croissant.  Not a Cronut, but halfway there at least.



The almond croissant was delicious of course, and the bakery itself was absolutely adorable.  Inside you can sit and watch the pastry chefs as they make their creations, or you can head to the back and sit in the garden, which is a little Parisian escape in the city.


I’m still confused about why a place would stop making their most popular item by mid-day, but now I’m bound and determined to get in that line as soon as the sun comes up when I go back to NYC in a few weeks!


4 thoughts on “Cronuts? More like Cronots.

  1. Thanks Tiffany!! I feel like at the very least they’ll be intriguing (if not completely delicious)! I’ll be back in NYC in early February so I’ll be certain to post an update on whether or not they live up to the hype.

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