New York City

This past week I had the most incredible opportunity to interview for a dream position in New York City.  I was overwhelmed with a level of excitement that I hadn’t felt since the day I packed my bags and headed off to Paris, the city of my dreams.


Arriving in New York I had already played out in my mind how perfectly the trip would go.  And it did.  Ultimately, it did go perfectly.





But in the spirit of full disclosure, my first day in the city was awful.  I had hardly eaten, slept no more than a few hours, my hotel room was sketchy, and my phone (with the map I was counting on as if my life depended on it) was dying with nowhere to charge it.  I was even forcefully asked to leave 30 Rock/NBC studios after being discovered sneakily trying to charge up my phone in a back hallway.  With nowhere to go, and desperately trying to avoid my hotel room I set off wandering completely aimlessly.




For a few hours New York City hated me.  And you know what?  I kind of hated it back.  In my head all I could think was, if I can’t make it here, then I can’t make it anywhere.  But then, with some help from friends and family on the other end of my quickly dying phone and the bright lights of Times Square I was brought back to my senses.



What they say about Times Square feeling like the center of the universe couldn’t be more true.  I was completely awestruck by my surroundings when I realized was already halfway through the battle.  I took on one of the greatest cities in the world all alone, and although it put up a good fight, it didn’t beat me.  Sitting in Times Square I was finally able to see the true beauty of NYC come shining through and I knew right then that the rest of my trip would be perfect.  I had just survived day one and it could only go up from there.  Plus, the promise of a world famous Cronut waited on the horizon and realistically, nothing can go wrong when you have a Cronut within reach.




So with a happier heart, and an inspirational photo of Leo (see above), I made my way back to my hotel to rest up for the two amazing days I had ahead of me.


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