New York City Part II

With the sting of my failed Cronut endeavor behind me I still had a full day ahead of me in the Big Apple and an exciting Rome reunion to look forward to that evening!  I had nowhere to be until dinner time so I set off wandering to see where the streets of New York would take me.





The One World Trade Center Tower, still under construction, stood towering above all of the other buildings so I made my way over to see it up close.  It was truly incredible to see, but such a somber time as well.  As I stood in awe of the massive tower I also took time to think of all of the horrors that took place at that very spot.  To be there in person was very jarring.




I decided as a good tourist I should probably also check out Wall Street and the Financial District where I expected to find Michael Douglas and Leo wannabes running around like Wall Street mad men, making deals and what not.  Aside from the Aussie school boys shouting about scenes from Batman, it was actually probably the calmest, quietest area I found myself in on my trip.




With a quick peek at Wall Street out of the way I chose a random direction and started off walking again.  Before long I found myself down at the waterfront and it was just in time for the sun to start setting!  Such an unexpected treat – I’m such a sucker for sunrises and sunsets.









My strong knowledge of Law and Order SVU story lines and a sky that was getting darker by the minute told me it was time to leave the icy waterfront and begin the trek back towards the restaurant.  Of course, per usual, I completely overestimated the length of time it would take to get from point A to point B and ended up with lots of time on my hands before my lovely dates were set to arrive for our dinner.  Thankfully I was once again in a very photogenic area of town and I still had plenty of walking left in me.


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