Rome Reunions in NYC

Early in the day while I was wandering here and there I had unintentionally stumbled upon Sole di Capri, the little Italian restaurant where I was meeting Erin and Kristen for dinner.  I made a mental note not to stray too terribly far, and after leaving the waterfront I began to make my way back to the area.




Tribeca by night could not have been better.  I love cities at night in general, but walking around the neighborhood I felt like I was getting the real NYC experience.




All of the little shops and restaurants were lit up, looking so incredibly elegant on one hand and completely quirky on the other.  I loved everything about it!






Dinner time finally rolled around so I wandered back towards the restaurant, and stepped in to find the teeniest little hole in the wall joint imaginable.  It felt more authentic than any other stateside Italian restaurant I’ve eaten at, so I was so excited for the girls to arrive so we could get into the food!



We started with the prosciutto and super fresh mozzarella, before moving onto our main courses.  The pasta – I went for a rigatoni with eggplant – was phenomenal.  Literally the best pasta I have had since Italy … and admittedly, I have eaten more than my fair share of pasta in these two years.  It was followed up by a complimentary, yes complimentary (jaws dropped all around), dessert of some kind of delicious bread pudding.



I’ve said it a million times before, but reunions with Rome friends are simply the best.  As a group we shared the most incredible experience imaginable so to have the chance to get together and reminisce is such a treat – it’s always as if no time has passed at all.

Seeing Erin and Kristen was no different, but it was exceptionally special in its own way.  When we left Rome I genuinely thought we would go back to our different schools and homes, theirs on the east coast and ours in the midwest, and there was a good chance we may never see each other again.  Not that I didn’t want to, but life is crazy, and busy, and maintaining friendships long distance is hard.  So I must say, I’ve never been happier to prove myself wrong!   Wonderful evening, wonderful city, wonderful friends.



9 thoughts on “Rome Reunions in NYC

  1. Hey girl, it’s Katie from Hope Engaged. I wanted to email you back but didn’t see an email address. If you have any questions about teaching English Abroad…let me know! I would be happy to help you:) Much love, Katie

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