Flowers and Snowfalls

As of late life has been chock full of work, peppered with just a teeny bit of play.  The good thing about this is when the time has come to play I’ve had the most wonderful things to fill my time with!  I’ve one again been truly terrible at having my camera with me though so a few iPhone pics will have to do.

First there was a little reunion with these lovely ladies.

Vintage photo comes courtesy of my Golden Birthday party.

Gracie was on Spring Break from student teaching so she, Allie, and Nicole made their way down to visit me.  After an exceptionally patience-testing couple of days of work the giggle-fest that ensued was much needed.  These girls have some truly amazing things in store in the next few months, and I cannot watch it all pan out!

After a quick visit they went on their way, but I followed them back up north the following weekend.  Even though I haven’t been able to spend as much time  on campus with all of them as I would have hoped there’s something comforting about knowing most of my Rome girls are in the same place.  With the school year winding down I know the remaining girls are about to scatter like the rest of us did last May.  Such a bittersweet thing!

In trying to make the most of the time before they graduate I spent my first night in town on our gorgeous campus.

photo 1

Sophia and I had an extravagant slumber party complete with mini tortes, pizza, and movies.  It’s almost like her spare room was made for me … I think I will make as many excuses as possible to sleep over between now and commencement.  I’m sure she won’t mind too terribly.

Bidding my sister from another mister adieu, it was time to grab my things and jet across town to see my real sister and her kiddos.  Recently our little midwest college town has really upped its game and we are more than happy to take advantage of the fun new things going on.  Tables of used books and flower carts lined the street …

photo 1

But what we really came for was the Easter activities.  Our little monkeys couldn’t wait to dive in and have some holiday fun – and I was more than happy to join in!

photoh 2

photo 3

photo 2

Although recent snowfall is trying to put a damper on things, here’s to hoping more spring fun is on its way!  And fingers crossed I stop forgetting my camera all the time!


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