Whirlwind Road Trip

The word road trip has for some reason always left a bad taste in my mouth. Cramped quarters, endless stretches of nothingness, and having to actually sit still for more than a few minutes just doesn’t do it for me. But when a friend’s cross-country move to LA just so happened to coincide with my summer move to the Pacific Northwest it seemed a road trip was in the cards for all of us and in the last few days, which feel like a lifetime, we have had an awesome experience traveling across the US!

phodsafto 1

phdasfoto 2

Our first stop took us to a charming little neighborhood in St. Louis where my travel companions Ashley and Sam had a friend from home we could meet up with. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Llewellyn’s before hopping back on the road for our first full night of driving.


photo 4

photo 3

 By morning we had made it through all of Missouri and Oklahoma and were well on our way through Texas. Sort of a blah drive up until this point … but I’m sure each state has a bit more to offer than what we saw!

10426789_2465274268848_4443824477367711640_n IMG_7644

Thoroughly exhausted we arrived in Santa Fe, where Sam was ready to rally and show us around her former home. It was like something out of a movie with the endless stucco buildings framed by the gorgeous mountains.




Santa Fe was lovely, but after a night of sleep that wasn’t in a cramped car, we prepared to head back onto the road towards the Grand Canyon. But first we had to stop for authentic green chili breakfast burritos and coffees made by the lady named the best barista in Santa Fe! It was the perfect fuel for the long road ahead.



New Mexico and Arizona felt like they were straight out of an old western film.





Little towns popped up here and there to add a little color to the seemingly endless desert landscape. On and on we drove, making record time, until we finally made it to the Grand Canyon. It was truly breathtaking – a sight no pictures, words, or video could ever do true justice.






After a few hours of awestruck admiration we begrudgingly hopped back in the car for what we knew would be probably the longest, hardest stretch of the journey – the overnight drive from Arizona to San Diego. The night was long … incredibly long.  The roads were dark, winding, steep, and mountainous making it by far the biggest struggle of the entire trip.

As we drove into San Diego just in time to watch the sun rise over the city and the ocean all of the struggles and the unparalleled fatigue faded away immediately . There’s just nothing like the feeling of finally being home. Even if it is only just a stop on a longer journey.



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