Sweet Home San Diego

As the sun came up over the city my energy level came creeping back up as well. San Diego time is precious time and I wasn’t about to waste a moment of it.   We beat all of the early birds over to Clayton’s (remember how much I love this place?) where we grabbed a hot, delicious meal that was a great replacement for the granola bars and junk food we’d been munching on for the last day and a half.

photo 3

photo 1

photo 4

Since neither Sam or Ashley had ever been to San Diego before I took it upon myself to give them something of a whirlwind tour.

photo 3



photo 2

IMG_7878  We wandered the streets of Little Italy – because how could I not? …

photo 4

Munched on fresh made flour tortillas and brushed up on San Diego history in Old Town …

photo 1


Popped over to Seal Beach to admire the cute little guys and gals livin’ the dream on the La Jolla shores …




And watched the sun set at the appropriately named Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach …






It’s no surprise that San Diego is considered one of the greatest cities on earth.


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