LA Explorations

Before I made my way north to Seattle for the summer I had to make sure to get lots of LA exploring in. I’ve always been torn between the coasts – part of me always longs to live back on the west coast in sunny SoCal, while the other part of me dreams of life out east in the city of all cities, New York.

Luckily we had lots of time on our hands so in addition to Venice and Hollywood we were able to scope out downtown LA and Santa Monica … and I must say, I like what I saw.



Downtown LA is nowhere near as grimy as everyone makes it out to be. In fact, it has a lot of character! To me it perfectly balances out the hustle and bustle of a big city with palm trees and the peace of knowing a beach is just a stone’s throw (and a lot of traffic) away. It’s kind of the best of both worlds.




Not to mention it brought some great food options to the table which earns extra points.  Caffe Primo was delish!



With the sun beginning to set LA was all lit up with an orangey-pink glow, which suited it so well.







Downtown LA is really a great city! Santa Monica on the other hand is the shining example laid back SoCal beachy glamour, and I adore it.



There was even a dude with birds for us to play with!  Meet Lola…


And the little fella who stole my heart, Leo.  As I joined the Leo Lovers Scholastic fan club at the ripe old age of 10 (Titanic was huge, and I have an eye for talent, what can I say?) it seems some things never change.  Clearly I have a thing for Leos.  We were completely smitten with one another.


When we’d had our fill of birds and said our goodbyes we made our way onto the pier to round out our afternoon.




A few days later as Ashley hit the pavement applying for jobs Sam and I went back to Santa Monica with her and took the chance to explore the promenade (read: search high and low for ice cream) and lounge on the beach.

pho1to 1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

With a belly full of gelato, at the end of the day I’m left once again in the same pickle I was in before.  I had secretly hoped all that LA smack talk would be true and I could easily toss it out of the running and chase my little fashion dreams to NYC, but it looks like they’re going to make it hard on me.  Good thing I had a long train ride and an entire summer in the Pacific Northwest ahead of me to get my thoughts in order.


Farewell LA LA Land!


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