Edmonds for the Summer

After the long, cross country journey of a lifetime I finally settled into my home for the summer, Edmonds.  For all of those who (like me up until about a month ago) don’t know Edmonds, it’s a tiny little town right outside of Seattle.


With incredible views of Puget Sound, the mountains, and an adorable little downtown, it is a perfectly picturesque Pacific Northwest town.



We kicked off the summer with an evening sail around Puget Sound.  I can whole heartedly divulge, this is the best way to get to know your new coworkers and a new city – a lot better than some silly in office ice breakers!






After the winds turned against us we made the decision to head back in – conveniently just as the sun was setting.  One of the strangest things about living here is that the sun doesn’t set until long after 9 o’clock!



Of course everyone is quick to remind me that as wonderful as that is, the opposite (setting around 4 in winter) is quite horrible.  I guess it’s a good thing I’m just a summer resident and I can soak it up in all its glory, isn’t it?

IMG_6450Such an incredible evening is always hard to live up to, but the area has its fair share of charms and I’ve only really just begun to experience them.  More to come very, very soon.


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