So You’re Into Vampires?

Well, we all have our guilty pleasures, don’t we?  For me one of them (one of the many, I should say) is Twlight.  I am such a sucker for those silly, ridiculously awful, but somehow still amazing books and movies.  I love everything about them.  So naturally as soon as I found out I’d be calling the Pacific Northwest my home I began plotting out ways to get to all of the places from the books.

On a gorgeous Saturday morning I grabbed a coffee by the waterfront and hopped on the ferry.  On the other side my Seattle family was waiting to sacrifice their entire day to indulge my inner Twi-hard and take me to see all of the places from the films.IMG_6576

We ate a quick picnic lunch in Port Angeles, the town where Bella and the kids go to do their shopping.  It wasn’t too bad, but nothing to write home about. (Instead I’ll just write a blog.)



Then we hit up La Push in hopes of running into Jacob and some of his shirtless werewolf friends.  No luck on the werewolf front, but the beach was gorgeous!  Just the kind of breathtakingly beautiful PNW coastline I’ve always dreamed of visiting.










Then, drumroll, it was time to trek on to famous Forks!!  Which, as it turns out, was every bit as depressing as all the locals had warned me.  What used to be a successful logging town is now a dried up little stretch of road with a few cafes, a library, and the leftovers of the Twilight frenzy.  There are still a few shop windows with old Twilight memorabilia, but mostly they’ve all died off along with the Twilight craze as a whole.



Feeling thoroughly depressed by the entire town of Forks, and the fact that literally none of the movie was filmed there, we hopped back in the car to head back towards Seattle.  We were absolutely starving from our vampire hunting so we pulled off at the amazing Lake Crescent Lodge to grab a bite and take in the scenery.






Lake Crescent Lodge is the most perfect place for a little summer weekend getaway.  We had to all but tear ourselves away from the picturesque setting – but I had one last big sight to see before hopping back on the ferry.  We drove all the way up to the top of Hurricane  Ridge to scope out one final breathtaking view before calling it a night.






Since arriving in Seattle the workload has been wild, but with weekend escapes like this, who can complain?  It’s so surreal – I truly hope that everyone has the opportunity to one day live in a place that is so beautiful it stops you in your tracks daily.


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