An Evening Sail on Puget Sound

As the coworkers and I were leaving the office Friday night our phones lit up with the message “Heading out sailing on the nicest boat in the fleet – be ready in two minutes?”  Generally I like a little time to plan ahead, get the perfect outfit ready, you know the drill – but with an offer like that who can resist.

(sorry in advance for filling this post with more grainy iPhone photos … going home to pick up the fancy camera was out of the question on such short notice!)

photo 2-5

It was the perfect night for a sail.  The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and the boat was a dream!

photo 1-5

photo 3-5

 El Capitan even allowed Glenn and I to take a whirl at sailing.  Check that one off the bucket list.


With another glorious sunset on our hands we made our way into shore, docked our total babe of a boat, and dove into some delicious deserts courtesy of our fellow sailors.  To say it’s going to be tough to head back to Indiana would be the understatement of the century.

1photo 5


Seattle, you’re a stunner! 


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