A Fashion Love Story

Today someone asked me what my favorite article of clothing was.

For a fashion lover like me that falls into the category of unanswerable questions.  There are so many things I love!  To have to answer that would be some kind of torture.  But then I really started thinking about it and one thing kept coming to mind.  I think that’s when I realized I do actually have a favorite article of clothing.

Why is it my favorite?  Well, it has a story.  This dress came into my life after I’d spent the most beautiful last day in Rome with Bethany and Kaitlyn.  We’d trekked all over the place from Campo de Fiori to the Isola Tiberina to the Mouth of Truth taking in every last bit of Rome we could.  For hours we walked breathing in the crisp cool air, committing the smells of the fresh food to memory, and taking mental pictures of our magical home that we could hold with us forever.  And then the time came to rush back to our Tiziano home for the Christmas Banquet.



But how could I go to a Christmas dinner without a fancy new dress?  After running to Benetton and realizing they’d sold out of the dress I’d had my eye on for weeks I popped into the nearby 10 euro store just to see what they had and that’s where I happened upon my now favorite dress.  The pictures can do the talking, but it’s clear to see why this was the winner.With my pretty new dress in hand I rushed back to the Tiziano to toss it on just in time for the Christmas Banquet.







That dinner was one of the loveliest, most bittersweet things I’ve ever experienced and after filling our bellies fuller than we ever knew was possible we went off for our final evening stroll of Roma.  The memories from that day and evening are some of my dearest.






So yes, yes I do have a favorite article of clothing.  It’s a beautiful Italian dress that I bought for just 10 euros and wore on one of the best, most bittersweet days of my entire life.  Each time I’ve worn it since I’ve felt like a million bucks and been filled with happiness and memories.


I would love to hear about other people’s favorite items!  Or am I the only one who’s had a smashing love affair with a dress?


2 thoughts on “A Fashion Love Story

  1. I’ve been thinking about this all day, Elle! I would have to say it’s a toss up between a black dress and my chambray shirt. Simple classics that you can dress up or down.

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