A Year in Travels

I suppose November is a smidge early to start yearly reflections, but as I sadly have no trips planned between now and the New Year (unless anyone wants to surprise me!) I figure now is as good a time as ever.  I was scrolling through my camera and was completely blown away by how lucky I feel to have visited so many new, and old familiar places in 2014.  I’m always daydreaming of international travel, but we really do have some incredibly cool places stateside that are worth shouting about too!

This post is picture heavy, but that’s never been a bad thing has it?  So get comfy, sit back, and enjoy a little Instagram journey through a year’s worth of American adventures.

I rang in the New Year with a trip I’d waited all my life for.  A trip to the Big Apple to interview for an opportunity of a lifetime.


After a successful visit in January, February brought with it another trip back to NYC.  This time I had the pleasure of staying for a week and change (thanks to the Polar Vortex which was no joke).  It was everything I dreamed of and more!

Snowy NYC

New York City in the Winter

May and June marked the official start of my summer and began with my cross-country western journey.

From Indy to a strikingly adorable Saint Louis …


Across America …


To dreamy Santa Fe and the mind-blowing Grand Canyon …


Grand Canyon

And the most beautiful place of all,  (although I’m admittedly slightly biased) San Diego …

Dreamy San Diego Skyline from Coronado

San Diego

Up to Los Angeles, the land of so many dreams.

Hollywood and Vine

LA LA Land

Then there was a train ride straight up the beautiful west coast.

California Coast

To my Pacific Northwest home for the summer, cute little Edmonds, WA.

Edmonds, WA

Edmonds Marina Perfect for experiencing small town coastal life, and big city Seattle living all at once …


Centurylink Seattle Sunset

And weekend explorations to places like LaPush and Crescent Lake.


Lake Crescent

Then off to another new place, Winter Park, Colorado, for the wedding of the year!  And the most precious of family time.

Winter Park, Co

Winter Park

Come September it was back to NYC for this girl! Three times in one year … I think that’s a sign I should just move there, right?



So here we are.  Early November and I’ve seen more of the U.S. in one year than my entire life to this point.  Not too shabby.

Make sure to scroll back through the archives for all the many tales that accompany these adventures!

Here’s to hoping 2015 is packed full of travel just like this year has been … I’m one lucky girl!


2 thoughts on “A Year in Travels

  1. What an amazing journey! Lucky you.

    I think you were probably one of very few people who enjoyed that Polar Vortex! It was such a nightmare! They are predicting another bad winter for us over here. Boooo.

    I love San Diego too. It’s like the perfect place to live. Climate, terrain, everything. Unfortunately, the cost of living is insanely high.

    I just returned from a road trip in the Southwest and saw the Grand Canyon and Death Valley for the first time. I’ve written a few posts on my trip so far. Loved it!

    Loved your post!


    1. Thanks for your message, V! It’s such a unique part of our country, out west. So endless and expansive … and the Grand Canyon was even grander than I ever could have imagined!! Was it not just the most mind-blowing thing?

      Looking forward to reading your blog more, I’ve been loving it so far! 🙂

      P.S. Good luck with Polar Vortex Part II … round one was a doozie!

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