Brunchy Bliss

Is there anyone in this world who can honestly say they don’t love brunch?  It’s my favorite.  I feel there’s no more delicious, leisurely meal out there, and it’s never complete without good company.  Plus, somehow the idea of combining two meals makes it feel totally acceptable to eat the most sinful things on the menu in completely obscene quanities.

There’s nowhere better in the Indy area to grab brunch than Cafe Patachou.  It’s always packed to the brim and for good reason.  Since 1989 (shout out to me, Taylor Swift, and all the others who hail from ’89!) it’s been an Indy institution.

Cafe Patachou

From the endless flow of a wide variety of coffees (my brews of choice were Cinnadoodle and Pumpkin Spice this weekend), to the menu chock full of the most delicious options you simply can’t beat a Patachou brunch.  The girls and I have tried other places, but we always end up right back, fighting the crowds, at our old favorite place.


I opted for the egg white omelette with balsamic onions, spinach, and herbed cream cheese, while the other two went for the omelette of the day with bacon-roasted tomatoes and parmesan cheese.  Don’t they sound like the most decadent things?  And they’re always served with two delicious sides.

unnamed (2)

I want to make a bed of their cinnamon toast and live in it forever so I always order that alongside my omelette.  To say it’s heavenly would be the understatement of the century … I highly recommend everyone gets their hands on it at least once in their life.  Angie on the other hand went the healthy route and chose greens instead of toast (questionable judgement), like Kelsey and I.

unnamed (3)

Just like Paris, Patachou is always a good idea.


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