For most Americans Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday.  I personally love it because it’s the one day a year when my atrocious eating habits are completely acceptable, and piling three separate desserts onto your plate post-feast is not only considered the norm, but encouraged.

My family went above and beyond this year with the spread.  Since it was my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian I was a little nervous, but I had more than my fair of delicious things to load my plate up with!  From vegetarian stuffing and two types of potatoes to a delicious quinoa salad there wasn’t enough room on my plate for all the goodies!




It was a hard choice, but my personal faves of the day were the fig, goat cheese, and brie appetizers and the brussels sprouts salad which was loaded up with dried cherries, marcona almonds, apples and balsamic glaze (recipe inspired by Napolese).




Of course the day isn’t just about the food.  I’m lucky enough to have a life filled with so many wonderful people, experiences, and things that it’s easy to be thankful most days of the year … but it is nice to have an entire day devoted to basking in the glow of the good things in life.


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