Rome Girls in the Circle City

So after such a lead up, it’s finally time to spill the details of my lovely little reunion with Sophia! As with any Rome Girl reunion it’s never about what we’re doing, just that we’re together … but with that said, the what was almost as good as the who in this situation.  As soon as I got off work we made our way down to Napolese.  Because after all, to have a reunion of this sort without Italian food seems almost sinful.


Napolese is one of those rare finds of a restaurant that manages to knock it out of the park in all categories – pizza, salad, caffe, dessert, they’re all equally amazing.  I informed Sophia that, believe it or not, Napolese is the only pizza I’ve had in the U.S. that can actually almost (let’s not get carried away) rival the heavenly pizza we had in Naples.  She was skeptical, but I knew she’d be on my side in no time.



We started with the salad, but per usual were so ravenous we dug right in before taking any photos.  Take my word for it though, their salads are insanely gorgeous and equally delish! And then our pizza arrived. The main event. No words. Just pictures.


Of course we were getting quite full, but in true Italian style had absolutely no choice but to finish it off with dessert and cappuccini.





For a good two hours we sat in Napolese chowing down and chit-chatting.  It was so European! To me, one of the most enviable things about the Euro lifestyle is the way they value good food and good company and devote to it the time it truly deserves.  It was so wonderful to revert back to that lifestyle we used to live, even if only for an afternoon.  When we finished lunch we made a quick pit stop at the gallery before heading back to my place.


An evening of reading horoscopes, telling stories, and playing with the cutest pup of all (Sophia’s name sake), kept us up until the wee hours.


Morning came, along with a delicious breakfast, and just like that it was time for her to hit the road.   Rome reunions are never long enough, but it was short and sweet as can be.


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