A Homecoming

Returning to San Diego always feels like a return home, but this trip felt more important and special than any before it. It’s been nearly ten years since my family and I returned together, but more importantly this trip was the first time my sister was able to introduce her own kids to our childhood home.  A chance for them to see this “magical San Diego” we always talk about, the place from all those pictures in their house, and also their first trip to anywhere outside of the little midwest bubble.  Seeing the way their faces lit up at all these new sights and experiences was simply priceless. So, in what will be the first of many picture heavy posts lets get started!

We arrived to find the most perfect and picturesque house waiting for us.  Through the perfect combo of luck and life-long friendship we ended up with the most amazing little home for the week … and the view … to die for.





After settling in we made the quick hop over to Miguel’s in Point Loma, an old favorite, for a dinner with our hosts. I stuck with chips and salsa (not that that’s ever been a bad thing) because I had a post-dinner dinner date with Danie (remember her?). Lucky for me Danie relocated to SD from Seattle a few months back for grad school, so my Washington office buddy and I were able to have a little reunion.


Danie drove my way to meet up for dinner and had already picked out the perfect place.  Point Loma’s cute little Wine Pub had live music and a cozy patio waiting for us and a delicious uber-gluten-free friendly menu. Jackpot!



We talked to our heart’s content before she made what became one of the best decisions of the whole week – she took me to The Baked Bear in Pacific Beach.  The Baked Bear is a little piece of heaven on earth.  It’s a make your own ice cream sandwich joint with a glu-free chocolate chip cookie option.  The worst part of the whole place is deciding which ice cream to get!

IMG_1976Of course I was over the moon and went for the extravagant choice of birthday cake ice-cream in my sammy. It was oh so sinfully rich, but oh so good.

After walking by the ocean and chowing down to the point of no return I headed home to our little slice of paradise to take one last look at that bazillion dollar view and cram in a few hours of sleep before our first full day in San Diego was set to begin.



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