travel. food. fashion.

these are a few of my favorite things.


The name of the blog says it all.  What started as a way to keep my friends and family in the loop when I was living in Rome has turned into a little something more.  My dreamy travels of Europe may have changed more recently to travels of the Midwest, and stateside locations, but my wanderlust remains in tact -100% of the time.


When you start a blog about Italy, in Italy, you really have no choice but to include food.  Not to mention, when I’m not dreaming of traveling, there is a very good chance my thoughts are on food.  I ate my little heart out, tasting literally the best food in the world while I was living in Italy, but I’d like to think my love of cooking and baking stateside has produced some delights that could hold their own to that of the Italians.


Although not a fashion centered blog (as of this moment at least), I take the European approach when it comes to fashion.  Each day is an occasion and fashion is art.  When you look at fashion this way it becomes more than just a bunch of fabric that you toss on out of necessity.  As a result, many of my posts reflect my personal style, affinity for all things fashion, and a daily appreciation of the way an outfit can impact the way you are perceived by yourself and others.

Above all else, this blog is about transformation.  From the posts at the beginning when I was just setting off on my journey to Europe, to my One Year Later reflection, to the most recent posts that come from my current home in the Midwest, this blog has been and continues to be a creative outlet for me to share my experiences as I make my way through my twenties and a way to shine a light on the magnificent and endless effects that three months in Rome on the rest of my life.

La Vita é Bella


One thought on “About

  1. ‘I make my way through my twenty-something years and a way to shine a light on the magnificent and endless effects that three months in Rome on the rest of my life’ This is why I am going to follow you and love to read more about you. So well said. Let’s keep in touch? ciao from Europe, all the best! Janneke

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