You know how some people grow up and have great, contagious pride in their hometown? It’s really pretty common – but that’s not my journey. When it comes to my Hoosier hometown of Fishers, I’ll admit it, I’m a curmudgeon. Not a fan. Then again to be fair coming here from one of the United States’ most beautiful cities, San Diego, it never really stood a chance did it?

Lately though, much to my surprise, it’s really upped its game! My previous post about Tilly’s was my first public acknowledgment of the improvements, but I had yet another taste of what could be the new and improved Fishers – a chic, borderline hipster, not so cookie-cutter town.



Just across the way from where Tilly’s stands, there’s a new little coffee shop.  I’d always seen the signs for a store called Vardagen and never made the time to pop in, but when they put out a sign for a recently added coffee shop inside, *ding ding* lord knows I will make any excuse to pull over for coffee.

Take a peek inside, and then if you get a chance head over to give it a try for yourself.  The coffee is top-notch, the employees are rad, and the clothing … well, I didn’t escape without a new little something.





At first it seems like there’s no seating, but make sure to step in back where there’s a lovely mural and space to sit down and enjoy your cuppa.



Fishers, whatever you’re doing, don’t stop – it’s perfect! 


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