Take Me to Tilly’s

When I say my town can be a bit … basic, if you will … I mean it. It has a few of the charms one would expect to find in a little Midwest town, but mostly it’s a lot of strip malls and chain restaurants and cookie cutter housing developments. Great place for raising children (or so they say, not that I would know), not so great place for having unique cultural experiences. You win some you lose some.

That is, until we discovered Tilly’s.  Right in downtown Fishers, there is now the cutest little British Tea Room.  Owned by a native of Newcastle – hometown of Sting – the spot is positively British through and through. From the decor to the menu for just a second you can step off the streets of Fishers and think you’re right in the heart of London. And just in time for high tea.




With tutus and tulle skirts on we made a fun little girls day of our visit to Tilly’s and spoiled ourselves rotten.




The cutest little one in our group hit the jackpot with the Princess Tea, and a spread fit for royalty.



While grandma and I went for the gluten free options of a panini and salad, both of which were beyond delicious!


I’ve never really felt like there was anywhere in this town that I could be a “regular,” but I think I may have just found it.

Until next time, Tilly’s! 


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